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Posted: October 12, 2014

This search tool by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration allows you to search your vehicle by VIN and find any recalls in the last 15 years. Maintaining your vehicle can help prevent injuries resulting from mechanical failure.

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Search Safety Issues: Recalls, Investigations & Complaints
Posted: October 12, 2014

This expansive search tool combs the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s databases to find safety recalls, service bulletins and other investigative materials about vehicles, child restraints, tires and equipment. It also includes complaints filed by consumers.

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Olympia Man Wins $2 Million Settlement for 2006 Crash
Posted: July 20, 2010

John Lancaster, a motorcyclist who was represented by Briggs & Briggs, was
seriously injured following an accident in Shelton, Washington. Because the
severity of the accident was in part due to the flawed highway design, the State
was ordered to pay Mr. Lancaster $2 million.
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> View Photos of John Lancaster and Accident Scene

Verdicts, Awards & Settlements

Automobile Accidents
• Negligent Police Chase $5.1 Million
• Rear-end Collision: Back Injury $700,000
• Rear-end Collision: Back Injury $420,000
• Intersection Collision: Ankle Injury $500,000
• Head-on Collision: Foot Injury $203,000
• Head-on Collision: Multiple Fractures $400,000
• Single Car Lost Control: Face Trauma $227,000
• Failure to Yield: Back Injury $450,000

Uninsured Motorist Cases
• Rear-end Collision: Neck Injury $350,000
• Traumatic Brain Injury: Full Recovery $335,000
• Multiple Freeway Collision: Back, PTSD $300,000
• Multiple Collisions: Neck, Back, Shoulder $230,000

Trucking Accidents
• Wrongful Death $1 Million
• Wrongful Death $1.1 Million
• Back Injury $600,000
• Back Injury $500,000
• Back Injury $400,000
• Shoulder Injury $400,000
• Head Injury $500,000

Motorcycle Accidents
• Dangerous Intersection: Highway Defect $2.1 Million
• Wrist Injury $500,000
• Foot Injury $300,000
• Ankle Injury $250,000

Other Areas of Practice
• Construction Site Injury: Wall Collapse $2.1 Million
• Sale of Alcohol to Minor: Spine Injury $1.3 Million
• Police Negligence: Wrongful Death $1.3 Million
• Maritime Accident: Brain Injury $750,000
• Fishing Boat: Shoulder Injury $280,000
• Retail Negligence: Back/Shoulder Injury $275,000

Auto Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Truck & Bus Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Construction Accidents

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